Picture of Me

Robert C. Rudy
Piano Tuner Technician
Over 40 years experience
Serving the Miami Valley and all of western Ohio
for one low rate!

Hello, I am Bob Rudy - Piano Tuner. I have played the piano since a child and at age 20 I started learning piano tuning. An old-timer that tuned my piano taught me how to tune over several months, yet I had just begun to get enough tunings under my belt to get the pianos close to perfect.

After tuning for a year in peoples homes, I found a full-time job at the Wurlitzer Warehouse in Columbus, Ohio that served three stores. I tuned five pianos a day for over five years. This is where I learned to tune pianos perfectly.

I learned repairs, restringing, refinishing, and rebuilding pianos from old-timers that had done this their entire lives. They were in their 60's, I was 20.

Now, I am an old-timer and love tuning and working on pianos. This is my passion. I also love playing the piano when I am done tuning. And, I give the same best flat tuning rate wherever I go. I adjust the pedals, fix sticking notes, and tell you all about your pianos condition for no extra charge. Churches, schools, everyone utilizes my services. My goal is repeat customers therefore lowest price - best service is my commitment.

I look forward to hearing from you and I always have room for one more piano.

Musically yours,